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Rasā - Flavors and Melodies of South India

The Ojai Retreat is proud to have hosted the exquisite event that combined the culinary and musical richness of South India. On Saturday, August 19th, we shared a captivating Indian Dinner and Concert, where the mesmerizing flavors of Rasā cuisine and the soul-stirring melodies of South India converged in a celebration of culture and art.

Nestled in the serene beauty of Ojai, the Ojai Retreat provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of cultural exploration and artistic excellence. Guests were transported to the vibrant landscapes of South India through an array of delectable dishes that exemplify the essence of Rasā flavors, meticulously crafted by the talented Food Artist, Teena Adityan.

Adding to the ambiance, the evening was adorned with the enchanting musical prowess of Gopal Krishnamurthy, Ph.D., a renowned Vocalist, and Kathleen Robertson, an accomplished Violinist. Their harmonious melodies filled the air, infusing the night with the spirit of South India and creating an atmosphere of pure magic.

"We are thrilled to host an evening that celebrates the beauty and richness of South Indian culture through both its culinary and musical traditions," says Vadivel Sreedar, Events Coordinator at the Ojai Retreat. "This event is a testament to our commitment to providing unique and culturally enriching experiences to our community."

The Indian Dinner and Concert event was open to all who wished to indulge in an authentic cultural experience.

About the Vocalist: Gopal Krishnamurthy Ph.D., an Ojai resident, is currently a professor at Antioch University and has taught Indian classical music and performed in the US, UK and India. He studied music with his mother who was herself a musician and student of renowned artists such as DK Pattammal and Dr. S. Ramanathan. He has offered several programs worldwide and sees it as a way of contributing towards music appreciation, music making, and understanding of the culture. Learn more at

About the Violinist: Kathleen Robertson is an Ojai violinist who is known for her versatility of style in many musical genres. She is the founding member of the Ojai String Quartet and has performed as Concertmaster at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood for 20 years. She has performed on hundreds of critically acclaimed recordings for leading artists and has shared the stage with world renowned musicians. Through it Kathleen's performances bring a musical honesty and integrity to her audience that is apparent in whatever style she plays. Learn more at

About Food Artist: Ojai resident Teena Adityan curates heirloom recipes from different south indian regions and crafts them with local seasonal produce. She mostly works with indigenous ingredients and spices for creating mindful eating experiences that vitalizes the body, mind and soul. She enjoys learning about food cultures and critically explores the role of nourishing food in everyday modern living.


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